Authored by Dorji Thinley

My First Novel, The Illuminous Dagger is written during college times with sheer interest and could not publish due to financial problem. However, on mid 2020, during my first year in the service as a teacher was a blessing in disguise to publish this novel.

Brief Description of novel.

From the ancient citadel of Gongdue khochey, war rages as he marches ahead towards Ngangla, land ruled by his old rival notorious Ngangla Khochey, to claim his right to ownership of the legendary magical sword, The Illuminous Dagger. in the twist of events, it is so happens the two khocheys turn aside their enmity and combine their forces to wage war against their common enemy Drogar Khochey. The two lover, Nogchen and Langchen Dolma, only want to be together peacefully, but the riling enmity among the three arch rivals and the impending inevitable war just would not allow them that. As the event roll out, in what is the final display of power and might between the Drogar khochey’s side and the opposing two khochey’s combined forces, the earth shaking, sky roaring fiercest war is fought for the claim of the Dagger in the land of Lower Kheng.

The Novel is set during one of the turbulent and revolutionary times of medieval Bhutan, it unfolds against the backdrop of dirty politics, thirst of power, desire and greed, malice and hatred, bloodlust and war, medieval matrimonial culture, love and romance. This novel gives fair account of history of the ways and culture of medieval times in Bhutan.