Author of Website Dorji Thinley

I am Dorji Thinley from Bhutan (Lower Khengpa). Young writer/ researcher/scriptwriter, who is currently serving as a teacher in a remote part of Bhutan.  I did my Post Graduate Diploma in Education at Paro College of Education after completion of my B.A. in Language and Literature from the College of Language and Culture Studies. For me, to offer the world I have nothing than raising the voice of humble people through means of literature.

I stayed in a shake, asleep without food, I went to school barefoot, and I sweat and tame my body in sun and rain. That is why I must help young people inculcating a sense of appreciation for who really we are. I don’t care how many people, who must help despite numbers, I want to tell how to live as you.

This website is a mirror of society and its mannerisms. It can able to make people visit the place, experience events, meet people, listen to them, feel their joy and sufferings by inducting the fact-based education system, the fractured human relationship, corrupted politics, genre of literature, polluted youths, ill effect of corruption, the misery of poor, mercenary human instincts, flawed legal system and good vibe of humankind.

This website is also only everyday arts that connect the world together with the expanded horizon, giving unique insights into past or present cultures. It can also give a view into the human condition, what makes them who they are, value, thought, and emotion. Precisely, the page can promote beautiful and unique cultures and traditions, unique sites, etiquette, the beauty of Jigme’s land/ Bhutan through the voice of literature.