Although unquenchable thirst of sex is natural and biological. The sex trade is becoming as a growing concern. Society is fully against the practice of call girl and yet society are the great contributor towards the practice.  It is mirror of mannerism. The negative behaviors that we see around us sometimes reflect the nature of our own societies. Therefore, when we are seeing those few girls are criticize and blame for distasteful tittle as a call girl, it is signpost that how we stigmatize against or reject certain group of people in our societies. On other hand, it is principal to ask ourselves; what altitude you underwrite to the society and how do we treat others? Why and what made them to choose? What is the resolution to the problems?

It is responsible to voluntarily offer the appropriate support to those woman who need tendering help. Despite of having beautiful relationship they sometime choose to replace love by lust. This practice of Call Girl rises as major concern when, our women witness both societal and personal problems. It is also important and significant to know the causes and concerns of call girl and to understand the remedial measures to reduce social stigma and decimation alongside them.

The practice of prostitution is considered as oldest flesh trade globally. Call Girl can be one type of prostitutions among many. “Call girls may work either in call, where the client comes to them, or outcall, where they go out to the client” (Jacobson, 18 July, 2005). In Europe during the middle Ages, church leaders made some efforts to rehabilitate penitent prostitutes. Their attention was focused more on prostitutes who repented for entering the flesh trade and Still the profession flourished owing to political and financial reasons. In England, the bordellos or brothels were originally licensed by the bishops of Winchester and subsequently by the parliament. Throughout Asia, the trade continues to flourish openly. The profession of prostitution in India is as old as in some of the other countries in the world Prakash (March 2013).

 In some country, it is crystal clear that flesh trade is against the law and not a good practice.  However, the Question is why do that still exist? Why women are blamed for? Answer to these is question could be many and complex.  However, understanding the issues of call girl is not enough to guarantee the problem’s resolution and free them from social stigma. Consequently, let us not forget to wear shoes of them and discontinue criticizing for what they are. Some women are accused as the call girl practitioner and the place where they live are termed as   Khandroling. Man received by women like Dakini/angel in grand manner. The practitioner are called as Jangchubsempa (Bodhisattva). Perfection in giving sacrificing their flesh to quench other sexual thirst. On other hand, they are termed as  ‘put’  who offer their body to put any kind of man’s sexual organ in exchange of money. They are also called as Prado, Where they often travel in luxury car with their clients. The question is who the hell are you to shit about other?

The practice of the call girl is not choice of the women.

          The practice of Call girl is not a choice but choice made by those who have no choice. Women are forced into such practices because of demand. Men represent the “demand” side of the economic equation and women represent the commodity or “supply” side of prostitution. Without buyers, there would be no demand and, subsequently, no supply” Malarek (2007). It is blessing in disguise to consider money is powerful regardless of their dignity because they need money to complete their education and other important mission in life. The women who undergo the practice of the call girl are most likely to be addicted to drugs as well as to develop, or already have, serious health and social problems. They are women who see the practice of call girl as their only for living. I guarantee you that this may not be primary choice in the life.

            A Family problems drag them to the practice of call girl. Their parents were either living separately or their family relations were so strained that as children they were left to their own machinations and received no love. An unloved child when she grows up offers all of herself to any one showing any degree of love and affection. Some of them were sexually abused in their early life and they are force to continue since they could not redeem such bitter experiences. In some case, Desperation to support family members can be reason behind the practice. They also see themselves as helping women to save their parents and Youngers by supplying money to buy education and other living expenses. Therefore, the practice of the Call girl was never their choice and it is gender inequality structure, which makes women to experience low self-esteem, abuse, racism and more vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Unfaithful relation or divorce is one reason to force women to the practice call girl. Boys playing with their heart make them lose their fate in faithful relationship. Their expectation from beloved one hurt them to break hope to the ground.  “I’m not a body with soul; I’m not a soul that has a visible part call the body. Honor, dignity and self-respect. Although, when I think about it, I’ve never had any of those things. I do not ask to be born, I ‘ve never found anyone to love, I’ve always made the wrong decision – now I’m letting life to decide for me” (Coelho, 2003, p.78). This explains women was compelled choose this alternative to live as a call girl. The women who become pregnant in early age also can be the reason that, nobody wants to marry them but everybody wants to enjoy and exploit them sexually.

 Why man go for the call girl.

The drive for sex is in the man’s genes. It’s totally natural and biological to wanting to release sperm as much as they can.  There is nothing more natural than the biological need of men to have sex, wanting to have sex with beautiful women is a natural male tendency. Weitzer, (2013) explains that some man pay for sex “Believing they are ugly and unable to have sex without paying for it. Wanting sex but without all of emotional involvement that comes with a girlfriend, marriage and family; wanting casual sex with no obligations attached. Being convinced that their genitalia are too small and that any average woman would laugh at and reject them. Working long, hard hours leaving no time for dating and romance”.  This unquenched thirst of man’s flesh pleasure drive to opt for the call girl.

 Some believes that they are helping call girl by giving what they need (Money) and they are getting what they need. No one is being hurt and humiliated.  Some man are not satisfied with their wives or partners.  They are searching for “something more” that their wives will not do or excitement that comes with the hunt for a woman they can buy for a short time.  Sometime hunt them to chase away their loneliness. However, it is cruel and ruthless to fetch someone happiness and life to replace your loneliness.  The reason of someone happiness shouldn’t be   someone’s tears.  Therefore, let us now weigh whose pride and prejudice to be acknowledged.   Who is accountable to be accused?

The Society and the call girl

Women became Call girl with no choice, but also they cannot run away from stigmatize society. They suffer from moral collapse and lose their status and position which other respectable men and women enjoy in society. Uncivilized people in the society hate them, avoid their company and want to isolate them in society. As a result, the Call girl witness ‘hatred and isolated islands’.  They view call girl as source of disorganization in society and irresponsible females in community.

Some of the remedies to reduce problems.

  1. Sex Education.

Both men and women should be educated about and dangers of venereal diseases. The values of self-control should be taught at an early age. There should be a provision for sex education to young people in schools and colleges. The sex education is also helpful in avoiding unwanted pregnancies before marriage and also after marriage.

  • Avoid racism

Throughout our history, women have been enslaved based on race and ethnicity, as well as gender. According to Dr. Melissa Farley, a psychologist and researcher with the non-profit organization Prostitution Research & Education based in San Francisco, “You cannot understand prostitution unless you understand how sex, class and race all come together and hurt a person at the same time. People are chosen in prostitution because of the extreme imbalance of power. The poorest, the most vulnerable women, are basically made available for constant sexual access

3. Improve right views on women.

1. Look up on feminism.

2. Gender discrimination should be kick off.

3. Meet and help women, without needing something in exchange.

4. Respect Women and Human right.

5. Put yourself, Mother and sisters in shoe of call girl

6. Workshops and Seminars on flesh trade attempts to draw the attention of other:

  1. Prohibition

Those who sell sex, those who buy sex, and those who facilitate the buying and selling of sex should be strictly prohibited and this act should be penalized.

  • Changing Social altitude toward the call girl.

Society must be aware of how destructive male behavior has become both inward and outward. We should remove patriarchal cultures that it is a woman’s duty to satisfy men sexually. Teach young men to accept and respect women existence in society. Violence against women can be counteracted by teaching boys about loving, lasting relationships built on respect for girls and women. Change their sexual attitudes toward women.

Everyone doesn’t live in same pace of living. What one has is what one doesn’t have. To live and sustain, everyone have to do something to make it up to living. Although call girl is not their choice but no other option for them. When some women undergo miserable life it is our duty to share the love, affection, proper sense of security and belongingness that is necessary for them. Let us uproot gender discrimination, racial discrimination, and poverty, abandonment, and debilitating sexual and verbal abuse and uplift right views towards women. If men over the world do not demand sex, there would be no need for women to go through dehumanizing experience. Men who buy sex must be held accountable, take responsibility for their behavior, and stop buying and sexually exploiting women. If practice of the call girl is like serpent having facets it is our duty of stop them by lending them help that we can offer.


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