Nature is a mother of invention and Covid_19 is a blessing in disguise. We lost many of our friends to covid 19 and learnt what relationship is all about. Economic downfall was world’s heavy burden and it printed that there is only one world we can share. Governments were shaken and it helps to uplift courpted systems and devil mindset . Graveyards were overloaded death body and inducted with how short a life is to live.

We shed tons of tears to face death and learnt that health is only we fear to loss at last. Human being were caged to free animals. Valley are growing greener and mountains are becaming so white. Unflod buds glitter everywhere in garden and creatures are inhaling clean fresh air.

We are buying local products and farmer’s hardwork were acknowledged. Family are singing hope and sharing love in their own balcony with smile. Global crisis is little scary when we are connected virtually and covid_19 imparted that we shared common humanity that unites ourselves in such crisis.

We are just disconnected to reconnect and angles in the human realm, so called doctors and nurses are on the verge to fix it.